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Live scenic webcams of Aberdeenshire. Discover Aberdeenshire's picturesque countryside and the rugged mountains of the North East of Scotland with these locally run webcams sited in some of the Aberdeenshire's finest locations.

Ellon Webcam

Ellon Webcam

Brought to you by our sister website at, the Ellon webcam looks over rolling Scottish countryside towards the town of Ellon and the Ythan river. 

Originally a fording place across the Ythan river, Ellon grew to became the Buchan seat of power in the Middle Ages when Ellon Castle (called Ardgith) was built by the Kennedy family. Robert the Bruce totally destroyed Ellon in 1308 as part of the "Harrying of Buchan" following the defeat of his enemy, the Earl of Buchan.

The Ellon webcam looks out from the historic Grade A site of Ardgrain, with views out from the third floor triangular window.

Gardenstown Webcam

Gardenstown Webcam

Brought to you by our sister website at, the Gardenstown webcam looks towards the North East coast at Gardenstown, in Aberdeenshire. The coastal village of Gardenstown, is known locally as Gamrie, after the parish in which it sits.

Within the Gardentstown webcam view is the ancient Castle Hill, a Mott and Bailey fortification. To the left is St Johns Church, a ruin on the coastline which which pre-dates the village of Gardenstown. The Church of St John the Evangelist was built in 1513, and celebrates the defeat of the Danes at this site in 1004. The harbour entrance and village of Gardenstown itself is in-line with the rocky outcrop to the right.

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