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Some minor changes behind the scenes now allows registered users to post updates to Twitter.  Registered users will notice a new tab in the Account Settings, called "Twitter Accounts".  Enter your own Twitter details and password, and when you post to the Aberdeenshire Guide you'll get a new tweet automatically added to your own Twitter page.  You have full control on what appears, so the option is yours whether you want  to tweet or not.

When you create a gallery, forum topic or upload a picture you'll see a new option to "Announce this post on Twitter".  Simply select this and within 5 minutes your Twitter page receives a new tweet. Simples :)

We also have a new Aberdeenshire Guide Twitter page, and all registered users can post to this when creating content, even if you don't have your own twitter account. 

As always, feedback is warmly received, so let me know how you get on.

@tourscotland You can use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck instead - it's not affecting those.
Not long until Doors Open Day in Aberdeen - Sat 11th Sept:
Did anyone attend the open day at Haddo this weekend?
Haddo House Family Day - Sunday August 1st, with puppet shows, open gardens, face painting, house tours, crafts and more.
What's the best picnic spot in Aberdeenshire?

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The colours in this are great! commented Graham
Overlooking the obvious, it is a nice picture :) commented Rae
Great pic Jade. Armani would be proud of this one... commented Graham